Redashe Warranty Information

Redashe Warranty Information

Manufacturer's product warranties from twelve months to ten years

All products supplied by Redashe are warrantied from 1 to 10 years depending on manufacturer. If within the warranty period any such product is proved, to the satisfaction of Redashe, to be defective the product shall be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Redashe without charge. No responsibility is assumed for improper choice of models or where products are used in excess of their rated capacities and design functions. All hose supplied by Redashe is sourced from reliable commercial sources and is recommended for use on the basis of data supplied by the manufacturer. Redashe assumes no responsibility for any other application or use. Hose supplied by Redashe carries the warranty as listed by the manufacturer.

A flexible connection must be used between the hose reel and supply. Use of a solid connection will void the swivel warranty.

Redashe has a policy of maintaining and promoting its reputation with its distributors and customers for quality, promptness and an economic price for products supplied. This policy is supported by a Company quality system developed by the management team at Redashe Limited which meets the requirements of ISO 9001. Certification of the system was obtained by BSI Quality Assurance on 9th December 1991, Number 4601-QMS-001.

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